Although I am now retired, below are samples of some of my favourite watercolour paintings created over the past 42 years.
As you will see, my subject matter changes from landscapes to florals - and sometimes even includes found objects from around my home.

After spending over 40 years in Sault Ste. Marie, we moved to Bolton, Ontario in May of 2007. My work was then featured at the juried
Hills of the Headwaters Exhibition
in September 2007, the Alton Gallery in Alton and the Skylark Gallery in Bolton.

On August 1, 2008, we relocated to Etobicoke, in Toronto, and I gradually established connections with galleries in this area.

In January 2009, I was one of the featured artists at 2009 Artists' Choice Winter Exhibition at the Neilson Park Creative Centre.
From November 28th - 29th, 2009, I once again participated in Winter Artfest at the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke.
I featured my watercolour paintings; watercolour cards; Afghrannies and also reintroduced my 1981 Janie Cards.

In the Spring of 2010, I was a featured artist in the Spring Awakenings edition of ARABELLA magazine.

In December 2011, ARABELLA released a coffee table book, which features the best of ARABELLA from the past few years.
I am delighted that my work is once again featured in this lovely book.

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Lake Superior,
a majestic inland
sea, challenges all with
it's beauty and ferocity.




Old Woman Bay

Old Woman Bay is located
just south of Wawa,
and it is a popular
destination for
hikers, canoeists
and photographers.





This painting is the view
from an old log cottage
that once housed
members of
the Group of Seven.



Where Dips the Rocky Highlands

A favourite impressionistic
view of Lake Superior.


Fond Memories

Fond Memories of a magical day
in the Batchewana area
of Lake Superior.

Sound of Silence

Hiawatha Park is a marvellous park
in Sault Ste. Marie,
which is known for some
of the best cross-country
ski trails in Canada.
The Sound of Silence
was inspired by the peace
and tranquillity
of this beloved park
on the morning
after a major snowstorm.

The Highlands

Inspired by visits
to Scotland and
British Columbia,
Highlands exists only
in my imagination
and in this painting.

Trapaine Law

Trapaine Law,
which is located south
of Edinburgh, Scotland
has a history that
goes back to
prehistoric times.

Turner Skies

Another view of Trapaine Law,
which was created in a style
like the English artist,
J.M.W. Turner,
might have painted it.

Spirit of Superior

Lake Superior is the most
amazing of the Great Lakes.
Ever-changing and always wonderful,
the sky above is a constant study
for the creative eye.
Spirit of Superior was inspired
by the magnificent colours
which glow at sunset.


Superior Moon

Evening on Lake Superior
as the moon creates
a wonderful
colour and light show
on the rugged landscape.


Where Rocks Reach the Sea

Algoma - land of inspiration for the
Group of Seven - is the setting for
Where the Rocks Reach the Sea.
Seeing a sunset on Lake Superior
is an unforgettable experience.



Place of the Writing

This ancient, sacred site, which has
pictographs painted on the rock faces,
is located about an hour and a half north
of Sault Ste. Marie on Lake Superior.
Place of the Writing
was inspired
by visits to this mystical,
and yet, haunting place.


Northern Superior

The landscape near Batchewana
has inspired artists for years.
Members of the Group of Seven
were among the first to paint
in this area of Algoma.

Early Snow

An unexpected, early, snowfall
creates a fairyland of
the nearby landscape.

Lake at Missanabie

An isolated lake near Missanabie,
which is located in Northern Ontario
north east of Wawa.

The Garden Path

This is a view of a wonderful
garden next to the Skinner's
quaint Victorian house
on Upton Road
in Sault Ste. Marie.

Front Porch

With little time
for proper gardening,
the front porch often became
the artist's summer garden.
Front Porch is the view
from the street of
this annual celebration.

Wild Flowers

Visit Mockingbird Hill Farm,
near Sault Ste. Marie,
and follow the
wildflower trail.

I am proud to report that
copies of this painting of poppies
have been featured in
Remembrance Day ceremonies.


Abstract Flowers

A riot of colour in
an abstracted view
of flowers.

Jug of Flowers

Wildflowers in
an old, ceramic, jug become
a beautiful centrepiece
for our meal.


Silver Flowers

Using the same sketch
as Jug of Flowers,
I highlighed the outlines
in silver ink and created
a totally different



Cyclamen was inspired by
the beauty and sophistication
of this elegant plant,
which often graces us
with its presence.

Watering Can

A watering can
and pot full of flowers
laze in the bright sun,
while the artist revels
in a whole week of solitude
on beautiful St. Joseph Island.

Thank you, Marney!




Straw Flowers

A framed painting of straw flowers,
matted with a lovely, suede, oval matt.
Although it looks almost like needlework,
in this particular work, I have used watercolours and also ink for outlines.
This unique technique of mine
also echoes the look of stained glass
- which I love so much.



A majestic sunflower
dances in the sunlight
at Mockingbird Hill Farm.


sunflower 2


A New Sunflower

This version of the sunflower
is one of my recent works.
It is more realistic and
it is a real beauty.

For Ray...

sunflower 2



The soft and
delicate colours
of these blossoms
remind us of Spring



sunflower 2


Red Flowers

The last of my new floral series
- red poppies dancing in the wind.



Silver Bowl

An arrangement of roses
and sunflowers
brighten our day.



My first watercolours were
of daisies, and I never seem
to tire of them.
This is a recent painting,
that I love so much
that I gave it to myself
for my birthday
in April.

Daisy 2


Daisies have always been
a favourite of mine.
They are so cheerful
and independent
and they make
wonderful bouquets.

new daisy

Daisies Too

Using the same sketch as Daisies,
I took it in a different
direction to see
what would happen.
Fresh as a daisy...

Lonesome Daisy

by the side of the road,
was a single daisy
of such fragile beauty
that it became
the inspiration for
my first painting
of daisies.

Going to Seed

Even the humble dandelion
has a fetching beauty,
as it dances in the wind.

Pink Mums

An elegant arrangement
of pick mums
captured forever
in a treasured
watercolour painting.



My Little Corner
of the World

Childhood - a time for climbing
trees to daydream of future fun
and new adventures.
My Little Corner
of the World
was inspired
by just such a dreamer.
After years of climbing
the corporate ladder at the CBC,
he is now a fireman
who climbs very tall ladders
to rescue real people
and imaginary cats....

Todd and Friend

Mix one four year old
and one sleeping cat
and you have
a recipe for mischief.
Todd and Friend
captures the calm
before the next storm.
Recently, his black cats,
Kat and Stanley,
sought the revenge
of their revered ancestor.
They tormented Todd, Kara,
Atticus and Declyn...

Muir Park

Two lads walk the beach
at Muir Park, near North Berwick,


For a special
granddaughter, Kate.



Looking at this painting
is like looking
into a fresh stream of water


By the Light

Evening on the lake.


Camp View

A favourite view from
a cottage window
at a camp at Batchewana.

Lighthouse St. Joe's

A small lighthouse near
St. Joseph's Island,
which is about
one half hour east
of Sault Ste. Marie.




A Range Marker near St. Joe's

A small range marker
near Richard's Landing
on St.Joseph's Island.


Stone Cottage St. Joe's

In a cottage in the wood,
little man at the window stood,
at Sailor's Encampment
on St. Joseph's Island.



Farmhouse St. Joe's

One of the century-old rustic
farmhouses that are
found on St. Joseph's Island,
near Sault Ste. Marie.


Starry Night

The stars and the moon
shine down on an old farmhouse
on St. Joseph's Island.


Trees by the Lake

The moon shines down
on an entwined couple
by the lake.
Are they trees -
or are they people?


Leapmill Farm

As a young child, I came
to Canada from England.
This painting is of my
grandparents' home,
Leap Mill Farm,
an 18th century
water mill and farm,
located in Burnopfield,
just outside of