New iPad Designs

Creativity is the spice of my life.
I always endeavour to express myself in new and creative ways.
As an award-winning watercolour artist, graphic designer and photographer,
I am constantly inspired to guide these skills, as they morph into exciting new iPad creations.

Originally most of these designs evolved from my photographs, or from those of friends.
They were then converted to artistic images
and e-mailed as messages
of thankfulness, hope and/or comfort for friends and relatives.

The designs have now evolved into a brand new life of their own as greeting cards.


Mardi's Bouquet


Bev's White Orchid


Bev's Pink Orchid


White Tulips


Debra's Pale Roses


Debra's Roses


Cat and Flower




Ursula's Bouquet


Bobby's flowers




Marvellous Mauve


Paul's Daisies


Red Tulips

Paul's Bouquet

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Phone: (416) 792-1146


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